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Reset Your Mindset for Optimal Wellbeing

Often it is what is going on in the mind that is triggering our gut health issues, or making it impossible for us to loose the extra weight, or making our moods and hormones go a little cray cray, so we want to address this with all of you who are willing to take their wellness to the next level. More Info…

Does Food Affect our Children’s Behaviour?

Research links gut health to a range of disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, Depression and Anxiety, Learn some practical tips for for making better food choices to support gut healing and hormone regulation in kids as well as addressing foods to steer clear of.

Super Fueled School Snacks

Seriously boost the nutritional status of the school snacks you are packing for your cherubs to allow them to stay fuller for longer and provide them with the nourishing fuel their bodies need to keep them happy, active and engaged in learning all day. More…

Real Food Reboot

Join the Reboot Revolution and join our life changing 6 week online program.

6 weeks of fully guided support to reboot your health and reboot your life. Over 150 Real Food Recipes and Meal Plans. 24/7 access to our incredibly supportive Facebook community. Mindset Strategies to help fight cravings, deal with resistance from family and friends, eating out and more. What are you waiting for? Join now!

Nourish & Flourish Membership

In this EPIC 4 part series, Steph and Elyse will guild you through a journey of discovery of the wonders of your body and it’s ability to flourish with the right kind of nourishment. This course is designed to teach you that nourishment is not just the food choices you make on a daily basis, but also the key lifestyle choices you make regularly that can serious effect your body’s ability to extract maximum nutrition from the foods you are eating to allow you to feel on top of your game every, single, day! More…

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Work With Me

Like most things in the nutrition world, everyone seems to have their own opinion on what the term ‘real food’ actually represents, but in my opinion ‘real food’ is just that…..’real’. Wholesome, real ingredients as close to their nature state as possible. And understanding how to really nourish your body through real food and positive digestion practices brings real results. Let me show you how… 

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GAPS nutritional consultancy program

Integrative Nutritional Coaching

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Online Programs

Our interactive, mixed media online programs let you control your learning as we guide you through steps to reach optimal health. Reboot your system with real food and learn how to truly nourish your body through positive digestion practices in this series for online workshops.With loads of resources for you to keep and the opportunity to join a growing, vibrant community- our online programs really change lives. Self paced. Online. Supported.  Check out our programs…

6 week Real Food Reboot

Nourish and Flourish Workshop Series

Happy, Healthy and Whole

Workshops & Events

Life Wellness Co is committed to sharing our passion through a series of wellness workshops aimed at helping to improve  health and wellbeing by introducing cleaner eating habits, a better understanding of how the body works and how we can support our amazing systems to be better. Covering a range of topics including practical how to’s, how food affects our children, digestion support, real food seminars and interactive workshops- we have sessions for everyone. Current workshops..

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We specialise in individual health coaching, community health initiatives and corporate wellness programs tailored to the needs of our clients. Whatever your health and wellness goals, we will provide you with the tools to achieve them.
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