Sarah’s Recap- Reinforce Week

I’m fully sick ya’ll so this week I’ve been solidly reinforcing my body with my bed, tissue box and netflix.  It’s been a weird, snotty, pajama filled week for me and I’m so glad that this has happened in Week 4 and not in Week 1. I felt like I had my sh*t together this week and I just wanted to nourish my body with healthy fats and lots of sauerkraut, kombucha* and many many cups of tea. I ALSO just wanted Vegemite…

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Week 3 Recap- When the going gets tough… JERF!

Hi Rebooters, Hope everyone had a great week! I was a bit up and down this week. The random weather really caused havoc with my arthritis and I’ve had flu symptoms all week which are probably due to introducing some intermittent fasting into my diet at the request of my dietician and doctor. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance a few months ago and we are trying natural processes to help get it under control. So far it seems to…

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Week 2- It’s all Perspective, Baby!

Sometimes you need to look at how far you have come, and not beat yourself up about where you currently are or where you came from. I really struggled this week. Mentally I was exhausted and physically I was not feeling great after lots of extra work for our annual staff christmas party. It’s a massive event every year with 2 full days of set up after weeks of planning and designing sets and photo booths etc etc. It’s super…

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Week 1 Recap

Hi Rebooters, Hope everyone had a fantastic week! This week was a test for me in lots of ways. I am super busy at work at the moment and 2 collegues have left for other jobs which makes it even more stressful! I find that when I am really busy the first thing I get lazy with is my nutrition. Getting enough sleep, no problem…I’m like a bear in winter. Exercise helps my stress levels so I’m good at forcing…

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Sarah’s Foundation Week Recap

This is the first recap I’l be doing whilst undertaking the Real Food Reboot program by Life Wellness Co. This week I’m focusing on Foundation Week and letting you guys know how I went, what i’m feeling, what information really stood out to me and also what I hope to achieve over the next week; Reset Week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Members Portal. All of the information is so easily accessible and organised. I work full time in Sydney so I…

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to become a Real Food Rebooter?

We get loads of questions about the program everyday so we have found a willing volunteer to give us a no-holds-barred account of her experience as she runs through the 6 week program. Sarah will be updating us on her progress regularly, posting some of her insights on social media and she may even answer your questions if you ask nice enough! Meet Sarah  A bit of info about me:I am 30 years old and live in Balgownie with my…

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5 Top Fresh Produce Picks this Winter

Parsnips It’s root vegetable season and top of the list is the parsnip. I am a huge fan of parsnips, they always remind me of Sunday roasts at my grandma’s place when I was growing up and I love that they are making a comeback in my world this season. But now I love them not only for their deliciousness but also because I am aware of their awesome health properties too. These quirky looking versatile vegetables contain high levels…

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Nourishment- It’s an inside job!

What we eat is only one part of the equation when it comes to truly nourishing our body, yet so many of us are totally obsessed with this aspect alone. So many clients come to us with the mentality that they need to change what they are eating to feel better. If I eat less sugar….I’ll feel better, if I eat more greens…..I’ll feel better, if I have more omega-3’s….I’ll feel better…..and on and on. And whilst these statements are…

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Easter Eggs- No nasties. Just 5 wholesome ingredients.

Next time you pick up a store brought Easter egg, I’d like you to take a quick squiz at the ingredients list. It will surprise you the number of ingredients listed on the labeling to make such a simply treat. There is an alternative. Put the Easter egg back down, go to your local Food Co-op or health food store and pick up the following 5 ingredients so you can make your own, healthier version, not only for Easter but…

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5 Top Fresh Picks for Autumn

Cauliflower Whilst the past couple of months have seen a nationwide shortage of cauliflower causing a spike in the cost of one head to up to $7.99, we can now all rejoice as supply is back and these little beauties are in the finest during the Autumn months. Cauliflower is such a versatile vegetable, yet most of us just think about steaming or baking the florets to put alongside our roast meat. Yet, think a little outside of the box…

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