What our clients say about us

We have had the pleasure of meeting and empowering so many individuals are community groups along the way.

We endeavour to ensure all our clients’ wellness needs are met and thoroughly enjoy hearing feedback from them as they progress through their own unique wellness journeys.

Here is just a snippet of feedback from some of lovely clients.

About 4 months ago I met with Stephanie for my first health and wellbeing session.  In earlier times I had endured chronic fatigue and was presently having issues with low ebbs of energy and swings of anxiety.  I had put on weight and lost confidence in my ability to take care of my health.  Working full time as a Team Leader and being Mum to 2 young children left no time for myself.  I was sceptical that anything could change what felt like a downward spiral.

Four months later and thanks to Stephanie I have energy levels I had forgotten about.  I fit into old clothes and my bouts of anxiety have diminished.  Stephanie has coached me to new health levels and given me renewed confidence.  Stephanie showed me how to maximise my time to look after myself and I now have an awareness of what impacts my body and energy levels.  My new positive thinking has impacted other areas of my life and I am truly grateful to Stephanie for the impact she has had in my life over the last 4 months and for the life long knowledge she has given me.

Jane Thomas, Individual Health Coaching, January to May 2015

Stephanie, thank you so much for today’s (Real Food Treats) workshop. It was good fun and so informative.  Your booklet is very good reading and will help me make the right choices in my eating and cooking . I am looking forward to trying so many of your recipes on my family and friends.

Thanks again

Vicky, 31 August 2015

Thank you so very much Steph. It (Real Food Treats Workshop) was a very pleasant, knowledegable morning.

And I can’t wait to come again!

I am inspired to put into action the skills and experience gained from yesterday’s workshop.

Your passion is amazing Steph! X

Jacquii, September 2015

I loved every minute of your Community Wholefood Workshop. Even though I have been on my whole food journey for a couple of years now, there is always so much more to learn. You have such a generous spirit, and your passion radiates from you. It’s contagious! Yesterday was yet another turning point for me on my journey. Feeling motivated to set new goals, I have put the wheels in motion today for more positive changes toward my health and happiness. Thank you once again for being so very generous with your time, wisdom, and tasty whole food treats! I will definitely be back for more 🙂

With gratitude, Melody Shanks xo

It was so lovely to meet you and be a part of you amazing course on Sunday. I raced home so excited and eager to get my (and my partners) health back on track. We normally eat well but we had started to get into a few bad habits.

Anyway we quit sugar that Sunday and it’s been amazing.

I have been growing my kefir babies these past few days and have implemented them into my diet already.

Thanks again for your course. I already have tons more energy, my coffee habit has all but gone (and that was done subconsciously as I just don’t feel like it any more), and I feel like my relationship has really benefited from it.

I will definitely be back to fine tune my skills and to learn more.

Cheers Mazz, January 2016 


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