Eat Well

“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food”….

….said the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, over two and a half thousand years ago. Yet today we tend you use food as ‘taste bud entertainment’ rather than the foundations for our well-being. In my mind we can actually do both. It is possible to enjoy our food whilst providing the fundamental building blocks for good nutrition to allow us to live a healthy and happy life, we just need to know what foods we need. I like to call them ‘functional’ food.

‘functional foods’ will assist you regain your health and wellbeing by altering your gut health dramatically….for the better. Life Wellness Co aims to leave you confident in creating your own probiotic rich foods of fermented sauerkraut and pickled vegetables, and give you a basic ‘gut health 101’ lesson so you appreciate the importance of establishing, harbouring and maintaining good gut flora, developing an appreciation for how important a role our gut flora plays in our overall health and well-being. We aim to really improve your gut health as well as identifying what foods may actually be impeding you achieving optimal gut health, and subsequently your overall wellbeing.

This information is designed to be used as a handy ‘starting point’ for your wellbeing journey. It will provide you with basic information regarding your gut health and help steer you in the right direction to improving your gut and hence your overall health and wellbeing for a better life.

Start doing your own research on the topic of gut health. Trawl reputable sites on the internet using key words such as ‘probiotics’, ‘prebiotics’, ‘gut microbiota’, ‘gut flora’ and you will be amazed at the research findings that are being presented at the moment.

If reading and trawling the internet is not your thing, feel free to contact us at Life Wellness Co. and joins loads of others that we have assisted on their individual health journey. Along with monthly wholefood (wellness) workshops run on various different topics demonstrating how to incorporate healthy food options into your daily diet, Life Wellness Co. also provide individual wellness coaching, nutritional guidance, on-line support and family meal planning and budgeting. Or simply follow us on Facebook for daily wellness tips and inspiring recipes.

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We specialise in individual health coaching, community health initiatives and corporate wellness programs tailored to the needs of our clients. Whatever your health and wellness goals, we will provide you with the tools to achieve them.
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