Conscious Eating

I have come to think of every single meal based on how it will nourish my body and I choose accordingly most every single time now because I am addicted to how I feel after each meal.  Gone are the days of feeling over stuffed or sluggish after a big bowl of pasta or meat and potatoes because I fully understand and know the benefits of choosing food that is energising instead.

How about you, where are you in your journey of healthy eating? 

Do you manage 50% of your meals to be optimally healthy or more or less than 50%? 

What would your ideal be for your current lifestyle? 

Could you do better or are you happy with your current progress?

How do you feel, energised most of the time or energy depleted?

What’s one thing you could do to up the ante on your diet?

I found that just starting to double my water intake every single day was huge.  Improving one daily meal and getting in a rhythm, say for breakfast and then adding in healthier lunch options and later an optimally healthy dinner every single day is a gradual way to makeover your life style.   Eventually, every meal you choose will be highly nutritious. Eating consciously is what will change your life if you are looking for optimal energy and longevity.

Of course you will zig and zag now and then but you will find that it becomes less and less once you get a real taste for the “feeling of healthy”.  Even if you go on a “bender” I bet you will notice the sluggish way you feel and will be inclined to do a bit of a cleanse or eat really super clean for a week to empty out the debris!


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