Why is eating REAL FOOD good for us?

There is plenty of research to support the serious health benefits we can achieve with simply consuming more real food over processed foods. Numerous studies have found epidemiological evidence that eating whole foods (particularly plants) has a protective effect on health and reduces risk of chronic disease such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, functional decline with aging, diabetes, auto-immune diseases etc etc.

As the saying goes….



But what about the immediate health benefits I hear you say?

Give me something I can work with now….

Ok, how about this then…..when you are preparing and eating food in the right way, you will have so much more energy, greater mental clarity, improved emotional stability, have less digestive issues and have a robust immune system to cope with any illnesses thrown your way. You will become less of a slave to food, no longer needing that extra energy hit from a coffee or bar of chocolate to sustain you through the mid-afternoon slump as when you eat nutrient dense foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner you will be getting loads of nutrients, good fats and proteins that will send messages to your brain that you a full, and your blood sugar levels won’t peak and trough, making for a much more stable and satisfied body and mind.

As a result of eating quality ingredients you will be nourishing your body with all it needs to work optimally and you will find that your weight will stabilise without you having to count calories.

Enough of a big juicy carrot for you to get you fired up.

Once you get going and you feel the difference eating this way makes to your whole life, that will be motivation enough….trust us.



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