Finding the Work Life Balance Workshop


1 hour workshop

Course Facilitator

Stephanie Meades, Life Wellness Co. – Exercise Physiologist / Nutritionist / Health & Wellness Coach


This workshop focuses on assisting individuals achieve a work/life balance through improved wellbeing and mindfulness techniques:

Values Finder

In order to achieve a balanced life and lead a purpose filled life we need to know what our core values are. Many of us have not taken the time to identify what exactly they are for us as individuals and so we adopt the values of our society. We will walk participants through a value finding exercises to allow them to become clear on what their life values are. This is a crucial step in finding the work/life balance.


We discuss goal setting and planning and the importance of each to achieving a work/life balance. We will demonstrate how effective the use of tools such as diarising your time, becoming accountable, tracking progress, rituals and rewards can be in achieving work/life balance.

Mindfulness Practice

We discuss the art of living mindfully and how mindfulness can make such a significant difference in balancing our lives. We will cover simple mindfulness practices during the session so participants can leave with a few tools under their belt to start living a more mindful existence.


$500 + GST

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