Wellness at Work Workshop


2 hour workshop

Course Facilitator

Stephanie Meades, Life Wellness Co. – Exercise Physiologist / Nutritionist / Health & Wellness Coach


This workshop focuses on the simple and effective changes employees can make to their wellbeing whilst at work. During the interactive workshop we cover the following topics:

Stress Management

We will discuss the stress response, identify stress triggers for each individual, recognise how stress presents in each individual and then develop a stress management plan for each individual based on their triggers and responses. We will discuss multiple stress management techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. We will practice these techniques during the session to become comfortable with how to apply them during our workday.


We will discuss how to achieve better health and wellness by making good nutritional choices whilst at work. We focus on lunch time meals and snacks that can be made simply and in advance to save time. Recipes and meal planners are provided to participants as a reference.


We will discuss the importance of moving your body well whilst at work. We cover the 5 core manual handling principles and postural awareness as well as providing workplace stretches that can be performed throughout the workday.


$750 + GST

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