Gaps Family Camping

When you decide to take the plunge in to doing GAPS, getting started can be the hardest part! We would like to offer 8 families the opportunity to come and start GAPS with us, on a GAPS Camping Trip. GAPS can feel like a very lonely journey, and kids especially can feel they are the only ones in the world that have to go through something like this! We aim to bring families together to support each other, and have the hands on support of GAPS Practitioners (and we are bringing our GAPS kids as well!) to make GAPS a positive experience for your family.

When: October 3rd-10th 2018

Where: Ballina Beach Village Caravan Park

Cost: $1400

What this includes:

Before the Camping trip-

  • All the info you need leading up to the trip- what to bring etc
  • A private consult with Elyse and Steph before the camping trip to plan where you will be starting
  • A private Facebook group to start meeting the other families

During the trip:

  • Round the clock support from Elyse Comerford and Stephanie Meades (GAPS Practitioners) plus Melinda Wigan and Chelsea Blanch will be there to assist us wherever needed (you will know Mel as Elyse’s assistant, and Chelsea as the manager of Microbiome Store) for the 7 days of the trip
  • Daily information sessions covering various GAPS topics
  • Daily Q&A’s with Elyse and Steph
  • Daily nature experiences (walks, swimming, paddling, all optional)
  • Daily cooking demonstration
  • One-on-one support from Elyse and Steph for your family
  • Individual guidance and advice for your family

After the trip:

  • Options for ongoing support 
  • Private Facebook group will remain open for 4 weeks following the trip

What this does NOT include:

  • Accomodation cost- (we will help you arrange this) it will be different for each family depending if you would like to bring your own caravan/trailer/tent, or we can provide a ‘glamping’ experience
  • Food- we will help you prepare with lists of what to bring, and suppliers close to Ballina where you can do your shopping. By not providing the food, we are keeping this trip much lower cost for families, which is important! 
  • Cooking equipment- we will have enough cooking equipment to help some families, but it would be much better if you can bring your own. Just like you were going on your own camping trip.
  • Meals cooked for you- there will be some meals that we demonstrate and share with the group, but the rest you will be preparing your own meals, appropriate to where you are on GAPS, with our help wherever needed. 

Who is this trip for? 

  • This trip is for any stage of GAPS that you want to begin with your family. Elyse and Steph can help you decide where is best to start. Some families will start intro on this trip, others will utilise the experience to get their families on to Full GAPS. We are here to support you wherever you are at on the journey

How to apply:

  • Click ‘apply now’ to complete an application form. If you have any issues with this, please contact us  and we will be in touch.


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