Meat Stock and Bone Broth

We are so super excited to be launching our first ever Meat Stock & Bone Broth workshop in collaboration with Manic Organic, Coal Coast Organics and Purebred Meats just in time for winter.

Homemade meat stock and bone broth are age-old elixirs that are creating quite a bit of chatter in wellness industry at the moment due to the amazing health benefits they can provide when included into our diets on a regular basis. This is something we have been advising our clients on for years, and we know from experience that this one inclusion in people’s diets is a serious game changer.

You see, most people these days simply don’t consume home-made stock on a regular basis, either because of lack of information or know-how on where to source or how to prepare stock and broth properly and deliciously, so we are missing a super opportunity to seriously boost our health and wellbeing. We are on a mission to change that, and want to start with you.

Here is your opportunity to join loads of others that are experiencing strong immunity, robust digestive function and vibrant health as a result of incorporating more broth into their diets, By learning the art of making super delicious and nutritious meat stocks and bone broth you will give yourself and your family the gift of optimal health this winter and we guarantee you will have fun in the learning too.

This workshop teaches you the ins and outs and everything you need to know about how to make a gelatinous, nutritious and super delicious base stock and broth along with how you can incorporate it in your family’s daily diet without them even knowing it. We also share where to source your produce from and what exactly to ask for to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck out of each delicious bowl full.

You will leave the workshop with confidence in how you can make your own broth simply and affordably along with heaps of ‘ideas’ on how to use it daily.

What exactly do we cover during the workshop:

  • The amazing health benefits of meat stocks and bone broth – what you can expect by including them regularly in your diet
  • The different between meat stock & bone broth and which you should start with including in your diet first and why
  • Where to buy your produce, what to ask for and how to prepare your ingredients for maximum bang for your buck
  • How to make a simple meat stock and bone broth


  • Detailed 1 hour theory discussion on the nutritional benefits of bone broth, FAQs in making bone broth and stock, where to source bones, how to incorporate it into your day to day life
  • Detailed workshop booklet including theory, step by step guides & recipes
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Hands-on experience
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Bag of organic, grass-feed bones


  • Those who are interested in making their own nutritious home-made broth/stock
  • Those who suffer, or have family members who suffer, from poor immunity (eg frequent colds, illness and infections) or gut/digestive issues (eg leaky gut, auto-immunity), skin irritations, musculoskeletal issues or chronic inflammation
  • Anyone aspiring to have more vibrant health, glowing hair and skin, resilient immune system,  better quality sleep and just wanting to look and feel AWESOME

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