Online Healthy Eating Initiative- Real Food Reboot

6 Week Program

Purpose of Training:

  • Real Food Reboot is a simple, effective 6 week online program aimed at assisting individuals to reclaim their health within the comfort of their own home with a flexible learning approach.
  • It’s simple, affordable and most importantly, it’s easy to stick to. No fads, no fasting, just REAL food.
  • The program runs over 6 consecutive weeks and can start at any time (provided minimum numbers are enrolled).
  • We start with the ‘Foundations Phase’ where we provide heaps of education on how to transition to a healthier way of eating based on the most up to date research available in the field of nutrition and dietetics.
  • Once the foundations are set, the participant then enters the ‘Rebooting Phase’. Here, participants reset (strip out the common culprits of poor health), re-calibrate, re-introduce and reinforce their new way of eating. We help with meal preparation and planning, and give access to heaps of nutritious and delicious recipes to experiment with. We also help participants to kick those cravings and unhealthy eating habits so that we create long lasting, sustainable change.
  • Throughout the program, participants receive online tutorials, videos, interviews with experts in the field, heaps of reference material and also have access to live Q&A sessions each week where they can obtain individually tailored advice and responses to any queries they have along the journey.
  • Many organisations have offered this online program to their employees as a ‘healthy workplace initiative’ where teams work through the program together. We are able to offer a discounted rate for corporate groups interested in completing this program as a group.
  • This program is highly effective in promoting long lasting change to healthy eating, seriously changing lives all over the place.

Service Provisions:

  • 6 week online program
  • Individual’s sign up independently using a corporate discount code
  • The program commences once we have a minimum of 30 employees in a group.
  • Several groups can be run concurrently if preferred.

Target Audience:

  • Those employees who would like to learn how to improve their nutrition within the comfort of their own home rather than in a ‘workshop’ setting

To support your workplace in making this life long- positive change, contact us today. 

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