Salad Building

My favourite thing to have for lunch is a lovely big, fresh salad. There are so many options when it comes to salad that you can technically have a salad every day of the week, whilst still incorporating loads of variety. The key is to build your salad using a variety of components to add the right amount of flavour, texture and nutrition. So here are my tips for salad building. It is a great practice to get into.

Also, I love to make enough dinner the night before to allow me to pack some for leftovers the next day. Leftovers are great for lunch and a great way to save time and money by buying and cooking in bulk.


  1. Start with your base (baby spinach, asian greens, kale, lettuce, rocket). You may even want to start with a homemade pita bread base, torn up.
  2. Then add your chunky vegetables (tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, sweet potato or pumpkin (cooked).
  3. Then add your soft component – cheese, avocado, sauerkraut / fermented vege.
  4. Then add your crunch factor – nuts or seeds
  5. Add a protein – fish, meat, egg, legumes
  6. Then add a simple oil based dressing to help you absorb all the nutrients – see some options below

Here are a few salad dressing ideas to get you going:

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