The Gut Connection

4 PART series to be held at Coal Coast Organics, Stanwell Park in September or October 2017

Presenters: Elyse Comerford & Stephanie Meades are experienced and certified GAPS Practitioners who are absolutely passionate about what they do and are mission-driven to share their knowledge and wisdom on how gut health can seriously change the direction of people’s lives.

Elyse & Steph’s shared mission is to raise awareness of the power each and every person holds in determining the state of their own health through the food choices they are making each and every day, and to provide the knowledge and know-how for people to utilise ‘Food As Thy Medicine’ to treat a wide spectrum on physical and mental health conditions including autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, schizophrenia, depression, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions and just plain old poor health.

This series is the starting point to achieving this mission in our local community.

Session 1:

Understanding the mind-gut connection and the connection between gut health and a range of common physical and mental health conditions. We share with you how your gut health impacts everything from your immunity to your appearance, your digestion to your mental focus, your moods to your motivation, your energy to your sleep, your memory to your motor skills (we could go on and on). We will provide you with the pieces of puzzle you need to make the connection between your gut health and your overall wellbeing and what you can do to start to improve your gut health for optimal wellbeing. This session is a serious health game-changer.

Session 2 & 3:

We introduce you to the supercharged foods that will seriously nourish and support your gut health and show you how to create these foods easily and affordably in your own home to support your wellness journey. During this session we will show you how to ferment foods safely and effectively for maximum health benefits, we will also cover meat stock & broth – how to make it, and what to use it in to get your ‘daily hit’ and also show you how to make gut healing ghee.

Session 4:

Now we have the gut sorted, we need to focus on the mind. In this workshop we will cover the impact of stress and how our emotional digestion effects our hormones and in turn our gut health. It is a two way street you see, so we need to focus on traffic in both directions.  We will show you how the stress response affects your body, leading to poor health to disease and will provide you with some simple techniques you can start to incorporate into your daily life to reduce your stress levels and thereby improve your gut health and ultimate wellbeing.


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