Daily Detoxification with Stephanie Meades and Elyse Comerford

This is part 4 of our ‘Nourish & Flourish’ series of workshops.

In this workshop we talk about how modern day life can bombard our body with toxins from every direction which results in our system becoming sluggish and slow, and leading us susceptible to pathogen attack (sickness).

Our bodies are totally AMAZING in that we have been designed with a very effective and intricate detoxification system to help us get rid of toxins that don’t serve our system, however with exposure to more and more toxins in our environment, foods, and lifestyles in general our systems are fast becoming overloaded in their ability to detox and cleanse itself, resulting in excessive toxins building up in our body which ultimately lead to disease and illness.

There are so many simple, self-care practices that you can use on a daily basis to help support your system to sort through and clear out the junk to help you get back to firing on all cylinders, to put that bounce back in your step and assist you to wake with energy, enthusiasm, clarity and ready to jump into life each and everyday. And that’s what we want to teach you in this workshop.

We will show you ways to support your body’s natural detoxification processes that are super simple to do in the comfort of your own home including ways to detox your tongue, your liver, your lungs, your stomach, your skin, your bowels (yes we get personal) and your mind.

This workshop is a must to complete your ‘Nourish & Flourish’ experience to support all of the awesome changes you have made to creating wellbeing from the inside out.

You’ll even get a take home bag of goodies to support your daily self-care practices so there is no excuses!

What exactly do we cover during the workshop:

  • You will learn how amazing you are at naturally detoxing nasties from your system
  • You will gain an appreciation of how much stress  you are subjecting your body’s detox processes to by just living
  • We share with the best ways to start supporting your body’s natural detoxification processes
  • We help you read the cues your body is giving you regarding toxic build up and what you can do to relieve it
  • We will provide you with a number of recommended daily detoxification practices to support your optimal wellbeing
  • We will give you a little party bag of tools to take home to help you with your new detox practices
  • Opportunity to ask questions


This workshop is a must for anyone who feels that they are not running at optimal and want to find a whole other level of energy, vitality and health through daily detoxification practices.