Ditch the Diet With Stephanie Meades and Elyse Comeford

This is part 2 of our ‘Nourish & Flourish’ series of workshops.

In this empowering workshop we will show you why so many diets don’t work and what is actually happening in your body when you embark on calorie-restrictive, unbalanced, low-fat diets that just aren’t conducive to a happy, healthy life, let along long term weight management. When you understand the mechanisms behind what ‘dieting’ is doing to your body, we are very confident you will never ‘diet’ again.

In this workshop we will teach you the ‘nourished way’ to achieve your own healthy weight and happy body using real wholesome foods that will make you feel AMAZING and allow you ‘let go’ of your old diet habits and your excessive weight and inflammation at the same time.

Seriously, the information we share in this workshop is a game-changer for so many people. The method we share in the session is all you need to find and maintain your ideal weight and most importantly find a new level of wellbeing through nourishing your body well.

We will even provide you with a sample of what we eat in a week, and a meal planning template for you to use during the session so you can embark on your healthy eating habits as soon as you leave the session with us.

What exactly do we cover during the workshop:

  • Detailed theory discussion on how dieting has seriously screwed up our hormones and hunger cues, making losing weight an uphill battle
  • We share with the best way to reboot your hunger cues, crush your cravings and get in tune with what your body really needs for optimal wellbeing
  • We help you rediscover the cues your body gives you and how you can respond in a way that will support your optimal wellbeing and allow your body to return to it’s ideal, healthy weight
  • We will give you heaps of real food recipes to support the method we discuss in this workshop
  • Opportunity to ask questions


  • This workshop is ideal for anyone who is completely done with dieting
  • For those wanting to budge those stubborn love handles
  • For those wanting to feel better, have sustainable energy without the peaks and troughs and sleep well
  • For those wanting to establish a healthier attitude with eating – removing guilt and deprivation, and replacing it with nourishment and pleasure
  • For anyone wanting to improve their overall wellbeing and vitality in life.