Divine Digestion with Stephanie Meades and Elyse Comerford

We are super excited to be bringing back our ‘Nourish & Flourish’ Workshop series with you in 2018, a series of workshops that has been developed to assist you regain contol of your health and wellbeing through nourishing your body from the inside out.

In the first of the workshops series, ‘Divine Digestion’, you will learn how to optimise your digestion to draw maximum nourishment from the foods you are consuming for optimal energy, vitality and health.

The teaching in this workshop draw upon a quirky blend of olden day traditional Ayurveda principles to help you boost your digestive fire (Agni) merged with the modern day cutting edge research about our digestive health to empower you with the knowledge and the know-how to create divine digestion for yourself and your families. This workshop is super practical, providing you with a load of tools and strategies you can start using straight away to experience immediately improvements in your health and wellbeing.

At the end of the session you will leave with heaps of ideas on how you can seriously up the ante on your digestive capacity to extract maximum goodness from your foods which will boost your health and vitality and make you glow from your head to toe, whilst at the same time seriously reducing any unwanted side effects of poor digestion such as bloating, gas and nausea. This workshop is totally 90 minutes well spent!

What exactly do we cover during the workshop:

  • Detailed theory discussion on how we are designed to digest our foods optimally
  • Discussion regarding how we compromise our digestion (daily) and what this is doing to our insides and in turn our overall health
  • We help you rediscover the art of eating well and discuss why the ‘how to’ of eating and the ‘timing’ of your meals / snacks is just as important as the ‘what’ you’re eating to achieve maximum wellness (energy & vitality) and reduce illness
  • We talk about food combining to aid digestion and assimilation of your foods
  • We discuss how to reduce ‘competing priorities’ on our digestive system to maximise digestion
  • Provide you with practical exercises and demonstrations on how to improve your digestive fire
  • Opportunity to ask questions


This workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their energy levels, physical appearance, mental clarity, moods, immunity, vitality and general wellbeing, as well as for those that suffer from symptoms of poor digestion such as bloating, constipation, cravings, weight gain, inflammation. We’ll teach you how to eat, when to eat and what to eat to reduce these symptoms and seriously ramp up your health.