Does Food Affect Our Children’s Behaviour

This ‘Lunch & Learn’ session will educate parents in the role gut health plays in many childhood behavioural issues and food sensitivities. Alleviating a number of behavioural problems purely by incorporating nourishing foods will be addressed.

This session will focus on the most up to date research linking gut health to a range of disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, Depression and Anxiety, as well as providing practical tips for for making better food choices to help support gut healing and hormone regulation in our children as well as addressing foods to steer clear of due to their known association with behavioural issues and sensitivities.

Yep, all that knowledge cramed into your lunch break!

This workshop will provide the building blocks to allow children to reach their full potential emotionally, cognitively, physically and behaviourally.

So please book your place ASAP as this workshop will sell out fast.