Nourish and Flourish Series

Join Stephanie Meades and Elyse Comerford for the complete, comprehensive ‘NOURISH & FLOURISH’ 4 part workshop series where you will find out how to optimise your health and wellbeing by learning the HOW, WHAT and WHEN to eat for maximum health & vitality as well as learning how to truly nourish your gut health (aka our ‘wellbeing epicentre’) and developing healthy daily detoxification processes to see you truly FLOURISHING in time for Spring.

This workshop series is designed to take you through a unique wellness journey with each workshop building on the one before, providing a comprehensive holistic approach to improving your wellbeing from the inside out.

PRESENTERS Elyse Comerford & Stephanie Meades are experienced and certified Health Coaches & GAPS Practitioners who are absolutely passionate about what they do and are mission-driven to share their knowledge and wisdom on how gut health & nutrition choices can seriously change the direction of people’s lives.

Elyse & Steph’s shared mission is to raise awareness of the power each and every person holds in determining the state of their own health through the food choices they are making each and every day, and to provide the knowledge and know-how for people to utilise ‘Food As Thy Medicine’ to raise the wellbeing of everyone they meet!

This series is the starting point to achieving this mission in our local community.


Divine Digestion 17/3/2018 at 10am

Learn the HOW and WHEN to eat to support optimal energy, health and vibrancy in life.

Ditch the Diet 14/4/2018 at 10am

We share with you the optimal foods to seriously boost your brain power, your energy and get you hitting your weight loss without the dieting- in a way you would least expect!

The Do’s adn Don’ts for Optimal Gut Health 19/5/2018 to 10am

Now you know the HOW, WHEN and WHAT to eat for optimal performance in life, we ramp it up to a whole new level of wellbeing through focusing on supporting good gut health.

Daily Detoxification 23/6/2018 to 10am

We want to show you how you can fully support your now nourished body with some simple daily practices to aid your body’s natural detox processes so we can truly complete the nourished and flourished experience.

Added Bonus:

So, although you can book each of these workshops individually, we highly recommend you consider booking for the whole experience. By booking into the complete series – you will not only save $$$, but you will also be eligible to join our ‘Nourish & Flourish Facebook Support Group’ and most importantly, you will experience the full benefits of each workshop in a logical flow, which will help you put together the pieces of the ‘wellness puzzle’ beautifully to create a truly NOURISHING & FLOURISHING life.