‘Reset Your Mindset’ for Optimal Wellbeing

Over here at Life Wellness Co. Pty Ltd we spend A LOT of time talking about Nutrition and Gut Health…..however we are seeing time and time again that the clients who are wildly successful in achieving all of their wellness goals and crafting their ideal happy, healthy body – full of energy and vitality, are those clients who are willing to look at what is going on in their head as well as just addressing what is going into their gut.

You see, often times it is what is going on in the mind that is triggering our gut health issues in the first place, or making it impossible for us to loose the extra weight, or making our moods and hormones go a little cray cray, so we want to address this with all of you who are willing to take their wellness to the next level. 

Come and join us for this 2 hour informative and interactive workshop which will change the way you think, for good!

During our time together we will share with you the amazing workings of the mind-body connection, and teach you practical ways you can start to change your mindset for good using simple, effective and FREE tools and strategies you can call on daily to change the way you think and feel. 

In this workshop we will cover:

Stress and it’s affect on our mind and body – including how it actually changes the way we think, feel and respond to life’s circumstances;

Mindfulness techniques proven to reduce stress;

Movement and self-care practices to assist improve your mindset;

A tonne of useful resources for ongoing practices after the workshop.

So, if you are someone who feel as though they need a ‘mindset reset’, please come and join us for this game-changing workshop. We’d love to see you there.