Want to know a Holistic Health Coach’s No. 1 Recommended Lifestyle Modification?

It is this.


As an experienced Holistic Health Coach, I have seen hundreds of people’s lives change for the better simply by moving away from processed foods and moving toward a REAL FOOD RICH diet. People who have made small, simple conscious shifts in how they view food – what, when and how they eat, and how they want their body to feel on an everyday basis has led to significant shifts towards them living their life as they have always wanted to – full of energy, vitality and good health. In my mind, conscious eating is one of the most meaningful and powerful lifestyle changes you can make to achieve your best life possible. That, along with movement and mindfulness, but we’ll get to those other pillars along the way once we have the right fuel in our system to get us moving on our wellness journey.

You see it’s simple, the food we eat has such a profound impact on how we ‘show up’ in life each and every day. If we choose to fuel our bodies well with wholesome, nutrient-dense REAL FOOD we give ourselves the best shot of really ‘lighting up’ our lives, from the inside out.

Did you know that eating nutrient-dense REAL FOOD not only impacts on our physical health (think….seriously reducing your risk of illness and disease, promoting weight normalisation, reducing cravings and food impulses, improving our skin, hair and nails, as well as majorly upping the ante on our energy levels); but it also has a significant effect on our moods and mental health also. There is loads of really awesome research that has been conducted in recent times regarding food and how it has a significant impact on our psychological state. More stable and consistently perky moods and greater mental clarity and focus throughout the day, anyone?

Eating more REAL FOODs is a no brainer really for those wanting to show up in life each and every day as the very best version of themselves to ensure the very best experience of this thing we call LIFE. Yet for so many people, the ‘how to’ becomes so complicated and confusing that it is simply ‘too hard’ or ‘too stressful’ to transition to eating more ‘REAL FOODS’ each and every day.

And it’s not hard to see why. There are so many different diets out there claiming to be the ‘answer’ to all of our health woes, yet in my mind there is simply one approach that works for everyone.

One philosophy.

One simple concept.


When we focus on what foods really ‘nourish’ our body and tune into how we feel each and every day, we can stop ‘searching’ for the next best diet that will cure all our health woes, and start enjoying the pleasure of eating and nurturing our bodies through a diverse range of REAL FOODS that support our own unique wellbeing journey.

Unfortunately in many households across the globe, consumption of processed foods now far outweighs our consumption of real food products. Why is that? Because many people see processed, packaged foods as being more ‘convenient’, ‘cheaper’ and ‘tastier’ than REAL FOOD. Yet with a little education and some really simple, practical and useful tips on how you can transition to include more REAL FOOD in your diet, we can turn this around.

This is why we have created a 6 week online program called ‘REAL FOOD REBOOT’. To assist people across the globe to reclaim their health and wellbeing through education, empowerment and inspiration on how to transition to REAL FOOD eating habits cheaply, time-efficiently, sustainably and enjoyably.  This is seriously one lifestyle modification you want to make today to change your future and the future of those around you. Join us, commit to improving your health and wellbeing today. You are so worth it. Your new, energised, healthy life starts now.

Click below for further information on this transformational online program commencing 6th February 2017.

See you soon,

Steph xx



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