Nourishment- It’s an inside job!

What we eat is only one part of the equation when it comes to truly nourishing our body, yet so many of us are totally obsessed with this aspect alone. So many clients come to us with the mentality that they need to change what they are eating to feel better.

If I eat less sugar….I’ll feel better, if I eat more greens…..I’ll feel better, if I have more omega-3’s….I’ll feel better…..and on and on. And whilst these statements are true to an extent for most people, they  only represent such a small part of the ‘nourish and flourish’ equation.

So here’s a heads up. Simply changing what you eat is not going to make as much of an impact on nourishing your body as it would if you spent some time and effort focusing on how you eat to maximise your body’s ability to digest and assimilate all the goodness in your awesome food choices.

You see, the simple fact of the matter is that we could sit down to the most deliciously, nutritious, nutrient dense packed plate of food, yet if we can’t digest and absorb the nutrients from the foods because our digestive system is not up to scratch then there is minimal goodness to be had from that meal and you may as well have thrown it down the toilet (in fact that’s exactly where a lot of the goodness will actually end up!).

Unfortunately, the way many of us live our lives these days has taken a serious toll on our digestion and as a result more and more of us are becoming ‘overfed and undernourished’. We are certainly eating enough food, but not enough of the good stuff is getting in to allow us to truly nourish our cells to allow us to be firing at optimal capacity all day, every day. As a result our cells are literally starving for nutrition, which triggers our body to send signals to encourage us to seek out more food (hunger cues and cravings), so we eat more, and we still can’t fully digest the new food, and so the cycle goes on, and our waistlines expand whilst our energy levels slowly but surely become more and more depleted.

It’s an all too common scenario. But it is one that we can so easily correct.

The answer lies in learning how you can listen to your body’s cues and learning how you can support your body’s natural digestion process to maximise extraction of the nutrients from the delicious foods you are eating to useful in truly nourishing your body’s cells. Because nourished cells are happy & healthy cells, and happy & healthy cells are energised, vibrant and bursting with life – and as a result that is exactly how you look and feel when you become truly ‘nourished’.

Simple choices that you may not have thought about can seriously impact on your ability to extract goodness from your food like how you position your body when you are eating, how you prepare your body for a meal, what cues your body is giving you regarding timing of eating, what other competing priorities you are placing on your body which strip energy from the digestion process, what foods you are combining together that could enhance or detract from it digesting, what foods provide the best fuel sources for different times of the day,  how you are influencing your gut health with your daily lifestyle choices and what that in turn does to your digestion and how your skin, mouth, moods and bowels all play a role in allowing your body with work optimally.

This is the stuff that makes a serious difference. Knowing how your body is designed to work optimally and how you can support it’s natural processes is just as important, if not more so, than the actual food choices you make on a daily basis. It’s like being given your very own ‘Operator’s Manual’  for your body which in turns allows you to maximise it’s running efficiency and seriously amp up it’s performance. How cool is that?

This is why we have created the ‘Nourish & Flourish’ workshop series. Because we care and we know that simply providing you with dietary advice is not enough to help you become truly nourished and flourishing in your own life. This series has been designed to give you the knowledge and insight into your own body to help you reclaim your digestive health to allow you to truly nourish your body from the inside out.  Throughout the four part series, we not only give you the ‘Operator’s Manual’ but we also give you a massive toolbox, jam packed with all sorts of awesome tools that you can use to supercharge your energy, vitality and wellbeing.

We’d love to have you come and join us. Check it out here.

In the interim, if you do just three things between now and when we get started on this journey together, let them be this:

  1. Stop drinking cold water before you eat – this seriously dampens your digestive fire.
  2. Avoid taking a hot shower, exercising or going to bed before your meal has had time to fully digest (not sure how long to leave it…..we’ll talk you through this).
  3. Take one deep, long inhale and exhale through the nose before you eat.

We’ll explain why, when we see you.


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