Sarah’s Foundation Week Recap

This is the first recap I’l be doing whilst undertaking the Real Food Reboot program by Life Wellness Co. This week I’m focusing on Foundation Week and letting you guys know how I went, what i’m feeling, what information really stood out to me and also what I hope to achieve over the next week; Reset Week.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Members Portal. All of the information is so easily accessible and organised. I work full time in Sydney so I travel for over an hour to get to work each day. I often leave for work at 6.30am and don’t get home until 7 or 8pm. This means I don’t always have time to watch the videos and read the info each day. The members portal has organised it in a way that means I can read 2 days at a time quite easily which has really been helpful to me.

I attended Steph’s Nourish and Flourish Workshops earlier in the year so I have seen/read some of the Foundation Week information before HOWEVER it was great to have a refresher and go over everything again. We all get complacent sometimes and one of the main things I noticed this week was the info gave me a kick up the butt that I really needed.

I think the biggest thing that stood out to me this week (and that I always struggle with) was around the meal planning. I can be really hit or miss (mostly miss) with meal planning. I have gotten great at making my shopping list and going to the Bulli Foragers Market each week to get my fruit and veg. I have a fantastic local butcher in Balgownie GRAZE Butchery who sell Grass Fed meat and nitrate free bacon. I’m all over it…. then I get to the middle of the week and can’t be stuffed cooking what I buy. I then hit the phase my husband likes to call “We’re having eggs/smoothies AGAIN??” where we eat poached eggs / omelette / quiche OR protein smoothies for dinner 3 nights in a row. By Friday or Saturday I’m frantically making meals to use up all my fresh produce. Kind of backwards I know. Just call me Nigella! ;o)

ANYWHOO…. This week I have done my meal plan and I intend to ACE it! I’ve put the reasons I normally struggle below but this week I am feeling really positive.

Meal times are a bit strange in my house as my husband works night shifts a lot and I often eat by myself which means I don’t always do a lot (Cheese slices and nuts anyone?? AM I RIGHT!). If you’ve read my earlier posts you’ll see one about my Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie. I have this on days where I work as between my morning exercise and getting ready for work I don’t have time to sit down to breakfast. I have learnt that to de-stress my mornings, making this smoothie is my best option. I enjoy drinking it on the way to work and I find I’m not scoffing my food down to get out the door. Not very exciting BUT I try to switch it up on the days I’m not at work by having eggs, home made muesli with yogurt or oats with lots of healthy toppings.

Lunch time for me is interesting. We have lunch provided at work however I normally take most of my own stuff. The supplied food is often cooked on bulk and not very nutritious. They do normally supply 1 type of protein that isn’t cooked in sauce so I normally pick that (Chicken, Beef or Lamb mostly) and then I make a salad with baby spinach, boiled eggs, sauerkraut, feta, avocado and whatever options I feel like from the salad bar. If I know my husband won’t be home for dinner than I tend to eat a larger lunch and skip dinner (I told you I was Nigella).

Dinner (when not in the “Are we having that again” Phase) normally consists of protein (steak, grilled chicken, eggs, lamb chops, fish etc) with lots of veggies and sauerkraut. I do make the occasional stir fry or whole food curry. In summer we tend to barbecue A LOT as it’s quick and easy. I know I know, so adventurous right!

I’m super excited to learn some recipes from Steph to start incorporating them into my repertoire. I think this will actually really help me be more consistent with my cooking mid week as I will have new recipes to look forward to and try out. That’s my aim for this week!  I’ve put the recipes from the Members Portal that I want to try this week in my meal planner. So take a look and I hope it inspires you to try something new too!

Happy Rebooting!

Sar Xx


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