Week 1 Recap

Hi Rebooters,
Hope everyone had a fantastic week!
This week was a test for me in lots of ways.
I am super busy at work at the moment and 2 collegues have left for other jobs which makes it even more stressful!
I find that when I am really busy the first thing I get lazy with is my nutrition.
Getting enough sleep, no problem…I’m like a bear in winter. Exercise helps my stress levels so I’m good at forcing myself to work out if I don’t feel up to it. BUT ask me to get good sleep, exercise, work a 15 hour day + drive 2 hours AND cook dinner… How dare you!
Despite all of that, this week I stuck to my meal plan 80% of the time, which for me is awesome!
We only had non-scheduled eggs twice; a new world record in our house.
I did slip up twice with my reboot / real food eating but my mindset was really positive this week so I didn’t beat myself up and just got back into it.
The meal I enjoyed the most from the Members Portal was the Tasty Taco Bowls. Give me anything with smashed avo and cheese and I’m like a pig in mud.
To help my stress levels this week I continued with my new hobby/bad ass sport of archery. It has really helped me find a way to consciously meditate and get fully immersed in the practice and skill. I actually think this may be one of the reasons I stuck to my meal plan 80% as I was WAY more relaxed than I normally am and more inclined to cook.
Prep day Saturday for me consisted of making some protein bliss balls, chicken stock (photo above), kombucha, sauerkraut (photo above) and freezing a bunch of bananas and avocado for smoothies.
I didn’t get a chance to visit the Bulli Foragers Market today as I was working however I will use lots of left overs/things from my freezer and make “easy meals” this week with the produce I do have.
Meal plan attached so you can see how I have planned for a week when I havn’t shopped much and will also be super busy.
Good luck everyone with Week 2 – Recalibrate!
Can’t wait!
Sar Xx


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