Sarah’s Recap- Reinforce Week

I’m fully sick ya’ll so this week I’ve been solidly reinforcing my body with my bed, tissue box and netflix. 

It’s been a weird, snotty, pajama filled week for me and I’m so glad that this has happened in Week 4 and not in Week 1. I felt like I had my sh*t together this week and I just wanted to nourish my body with healthy fats and lots of sauerkrautkombucha* and many many cups of tea. I ALSO just wanted Vegemite on toast but I didn’t succumb to that craving. I made chicken soup instead. *Fancy*

I had the mantra of “creating lasting change” in my head all week. I think this is because I am really noticing a difference in my arthritis and fibromyalgia symptoms since starting The Real Food Reboot and that for me is the biggest motivator of all. 

I no longer get an aching spine by the end of my work day. My hands and knuckles aren’t aching after gym sessions where I do deadlifts. I can walk up the 7 million flights of stairs in my house without having random, niggling knee pain. I’m also sleeping more solidly and my insulin levels are the best they have ever been! Knowing this has kept me going, kept me consciously choosing food that I know will heal me and make my overall life better. Because that’s what it’s doing! 

I hope everyone has noticed some awesome changes as well. It’s really encouraging to think about all of you, going through the same struggles I am at the same time and hopefully having some wins as well! I feel like we’re all a team… like we’re all in this together! 

I didn’t stick to my meal plan as much this week as I mostly ate chicken soup and drank waaaaay too much tea. I was comforted though by the fact that I had put the plan together so that if I felt better I could just go straight to it and know what I was doing for the rest of the week. I’m going to use my week 4 meal plan again as I didn’t get to try most of the recipes I wanted to. 

I’m so excited to keep up these changes we’ve all made to our diet and I can’t wait to see the long term effects this has on my overall health and wellbeing. I’m not perfect and I do slip up sometimes but this program has taught me the foundations I need and can always, always come back to. It has taught me to not feel ashamed when I do stumble with my diet but to get back up on the damn horse and try to ride that thing off into the sunset. An avocado/fried egg filled sunset I hope ;o) 

Sar Xx

*Please hit me up if you need a Scoby/Mother as I have so many of them! 

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