What our clients say about us

We have had the pleasure of meeting and empowering so many individuals and community groups along the way.

We endeavour to ensure all our clients’ wellness needs are met and thoroughly enjoy hearing feedback from them as they progress through their own unique wellness journeys.

Here is just a snippet of feedback from some of lovely clients.

Hi Steph and Elyse,
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the classes with you both!
I’ve been reading health and nutrition books since I was a teenager and feel like I’ve learnt more in your classes than I’ve done with all the books over the years!
Thanks again!

Deanne- Nourish and Flourish member 

Just wanted to send you an email to tell you that you are amazing ! Your passion and love for what you do is so inspiring and I could feel the passion from across the room.

I was at your last nourish and flourish workshop ditch the diet and I met you after as I am studying at cadence. I am honestly so inspired by you ladies and cannot wait to start making a change like you both. It was wonderful to see you both in action and also see the faces of the lives you were changing and debunking all these myths we are forced sometimes to believe. Everything you were both saying I know I have heard my mum saying but after my own studying in the last few months I am so passionate about the same things you are. The whole food life is so so fulfilling !!

Even I have recently found out some of the information you were sharing on my own, after your workshop I have really pushed myself to go for organic and better sourced food. My pantry and fridge is now full of jars haha. I also picked up alot of the way you ladies were explaining things and I have passed on the knowledge to others and the explanations have worked ! People are listening.

I just really want to thank you for feeding my passion and being so so incredible. You are changing the world – I can’t wait to cross paths with you again !

Email from Nourish and Flourish participant  T’Keyah

I recently did some training with you through work and wanted to give you an update.

It’s week 4 of my 30 day challenge that I’ve set myself and I would like to thank you so much! To be honest when I started doing the things that I chose for myself I thought it wouldn’t make much difference, as I spend a lot of time thinking and I thought that if I spent time each day thinking about what I was thinking, it would just become overwhelming and wouldn’t help my stress levels.

Each day I start by picking a song to listen to in the car on the drive to work, listening carefully to the sounds that are in the music, and doing this I have actually noticed that there are a lot of parts in the music that I miss, subtle sounds that are pretty important. The first week and a half that I did this my mind did wander back to what I was going to do when I got to work, the things that were stressing me out and things that had happened the day before, but I stuck to it, reminding myself that I am the one in control of my thoughts and feelings.

The breathing is the second thing I chose to do, I do this with the kids that I work with and when I get home, before bed or after study (UNI). The breathing has helped a lot, I find it very relaxing! Particularly when an incident happened at work, I did the toilet trick, I was feeling very frustrated by what had happened, I wanted to yell and cry, I remembered my breathing so I went to the toilet and sat there doing my 10 breaths. I felt much better and was able to recenter and return fresh to working, I couldn’t believe it worked so well!

My last thing was walking bare foot on the grass, I did this the first couple of nights, but then chickened out because it was cold and dark. So I’ve kind of altered it a bit and changed it to spending time in nature, whether it’s in the middle of town looking at the clouds, taking a walk and looking at the trees or laying on the grass. I love being out in it! It’s so beautiful and I make sure I take at least a minute each day to appreciate it.

One of the main things I took away from the training is when you said that we are in charge of what thoughts we let in and which thoughts we let affect us and how. I feel so in control of myself now, even though I didn’t know I wasn’t. Looking back three weeks is amazing, I can’t believe I functioned, spending so much time dwelling on the past, stressing about the future and letting things upset and stress me out. I am in charge of my happiness and I am enjoying simply living in the moment!

Thank you again for your guidance! I would love to attend more seminars or training in the future, you are a very inspirational person!

Participant in the Mindfulness Workshop- Samantha

Stephanie delivered 12x 1hr mindfulness workshops to our workers in the early education and childcare services industry. These workshops were delivered professionally, respectfully and importantly included reference to our industry. This allowed workers to relate to what Stephanie was delivering, and really understand how they can apply mindfulness techniques in the workplace. People walked away able to see not only the positive impact mindfulness can have in the work environment, but also how powerful this can be to their personal lives. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive, with some workers implementing amazing affirmative changes to their lives.

Corporate Client / Nicole, Work Health Safety Advisor / Big Fat Smiles

Hi Stephanie, you’d be amazed, well I am actually.

Last night I put the past to bed, which is  10 year relationship with the last 4 years of being toxic and abusive. No longer do I have a narcissist messing with my mind. I made a choice, His abusive emails last night were powerless, I chose to sleep, started meditation and this morning I chose to get up early, find peace in a cup of tea, watch the sun come up, listen to the birds sing, enjoy the chill of the morning, ignore his emails sent through the night. Today I choose to be happy.

It’s day one but a significant one, it’s a new start that I will work on every day.

Who’d of thought a chance course and hearing you speak could empower someone to the extent it has. I’m so grateful. The simple tools shown by you is my new start and thank you so much.

I choose to succeed, choose to let go of past and choose to be in the present. Free at last.

Participant in the ‘Mindset & Mindfulness’ corporate workshop attendee 2017

About 4 months ago I met with Stephanie for my first health and wellbeing session.  In earlier times I had endured chronic fatigue and was presently having issues with low ebbs of energy and swings of anxiety.  I had put on weight and lost confidence in my ability to take care of my health.  Working full time as a Team Leader and being Mum to 2 young children left no time for myself.  I was sceptical that anything could change what felt like a downward spiral.

Four months later and thanks to Stephanie I have energy levels I had forgotten about.  I fit into old clothes and my bouts of anxiety have diminished.  Stephanie has coached me to new health levels and given me renewed confidence.  Stephanie showed me how to maximise my time to look after myself and I now have an awareness of what impacts my body and energy levels.  My new positive thinking has impacted other areas of my life and I am truly grateful to Stephanie for the impact she has had in my life over the last 4 months and for the life long knowledge she has given me.

Jane Thomas, Individual Health Coaching, January to May 2015

Stephanie, thank you so much for today’s (Real Food Treats) workshop. It was good fun and so informative.  Your booklet is very good reading and will help me make the right choices in my eating and cooking . I am looking forward to trying so many of your recipes on my family and friends.

Thanks again


Thank you so very much Steph. It (Real Food Treats Workshop) was a very pleasant, knowledegable morning.

And I can’t wait to come again!

I am inspired to put into action the skills and experience gained from yesterday’s workshop.

Your passion is amazing Steph! X


I loved every minute of your Community Wholefood Workshop. Even though I have been on my whole food journey for a couple of years now, there is always so much more to learn. You have such a generous spirit, and your passion radiates from you. It’s contagious! Yesterday was yet another turning point for me on my journey. Feeling motivated to set new goals, I have put the wheels in motion today for more positive changes toward my health and happiness. Thank you once again for being so very generous with your time, wisdom, and tasty whole food treats! I will definitely be back for more 🙂

With gratitude, Melody Shanks xo

It was so lovely to meet you and be a part of you amazing course on Sunday. I raced home so excited and eager to get my (and my partners) health back on track. We normally eat well but we had started to get into a few bad habits.

Anyway we quit sugar that Sunday and it’s been amazing.

I have been growing my kefir babies these past few days and have implemented them into my diet already.

Thanks again for your course. I already have tons more energy, my coffee habit has all but gone (and that was done subconsciously as I just don’t feel like it any more), and I feel like my relationship has really benefited from it.

I will definitely be back to fine tune my skills and to learn more.

Cheers Mazz