Community Workshops

Regular Workshops Include…

Super Fuelled School Snacks

 In this 60 minute mini workshop, Stephanie will share her top 5 ‘school snack’ ingredients, all available from The Source, and show you how simple they are to incorporate into your cherubs lunchboxes with ease to up the ante on their health and wellbeing in a seriously tasty way.

The aim of the workshop is to help you reduce the amount of highly processed foods our kids (and you) are eating during the day by replacing them with simple, easy to make at home options that will satisfy not only their taste buds but nourish their growing bodies as well.

Superfood Smoothies

In this workshop I’ll share my all time favourite smoothie recipes with you, each with their own ‘superpowers’ to boost your wellbeing.

I’ll share with you how to make our ‘Brain Boosting’ smoothie, our ‘Supergreen’ smoothie, and our ‘Glowing Goddess’ Smoothie along with sharing some really useful tips on how you can supercharge your smoothies everyday for maximum impact on your wellbeing. You will receive a copy of each recipe in our Superfood Smoothies eBook following on from our workshop so you can make them at home, simply and confidently after you pick up all the goodies you need at The Source.

Fermentation Basics

Come along and learn how the foods you are eating may be affecting your gut health which in turn could be causing you to experience high fatigue, irritability, moodiness, stress, anxiety, poor sleep, digestion issues, etc, etc…This workshop will discuss how we can make a few minor changes that can make a significant improvement in our digestive health by including foods that promote the growth of good bacteria, such as fermented vegetables, and reducing foods that can make the bad bacteria flourish. We will sample these foods and demonstrate how easy it is to make these gut boosting products at home using quality ingredients.

Creating a Whole Food Pantry – The Basics

In this FREE workshop, we tour The Source to provide you with advice on how you can start replacing processed and packaged ingredients from your cupboard with more wholesome bulk ingredients for improved health and wellbeing. We take the guess work out of creating a functional real food pantry by providing practical advice on what you will need to organise your pantry, how to shop for real food ingredients (where to look for these ingredients and how to read food labeling, to spot the imposters), we talk basic supplies for your pantry and provide you with some helpful recipes using real food ingredients to get you into the swing of your new pantry staples.

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