In-home Wholefood Cooking Lessons

Practical meals for real families.
Making Real Whole Foods Easy
Keeping Things Interesting in the Kitchen
Gut Balancing Ferments Workshops - saving you money.

Let us come to you and teach you the basics of how to create delicious, nutritious and cost saving wholefood meals for your family. Our in-home cooking lessons allow us to teach you how to create your own wholefood meals and snacks using what you have available to you within your own kitchen, so you can start creating without having to buy any new appliances or tools. At the end of the lesson you will have a banquet of meal options ready to be eaten or frozen for back up, and you will have a personalized recipe book so you can recreate the meals yourself confidently and consistently.

Available in the Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Highlands and Sydney regions only.