Holistic Health Coaching

General Nutritional and Health Coaching

We provide very effective nutrition and health coaching services to clients who are interested in learning how they can modify their diet and their lifestyle to achieve optimal health and wellbeing by working on improving their gut health, but aren’t quite ready to embark on the Full GAPS journey. The following fee structure applies to our general nutritional / Integrative Nutritional Coaching services.

The initial consultation involves obtaining a thorough history of your symptoms, past treatment, lifestyle factors and an analysis of your current dietary habits. We will talk you through how your symptoms are specifically related to the health of your gut and how changes in your diet and lifestyle will allow you to heal and recover to help you achieve optimal wellness.
With a full comprehensive assessment, you will gain a better understanding of how the state of your current gut health is related to your symptoms, and we will guide you on what changes you can start to make to improve your health during this initial session.

Following this consultation, we will put together a summary of our recommendations for you, and make recommendations regarding what level of support you require to get you moving forward. Some clients we only require 1-2 consultations to get them going, whilst others need more intensive support, depending on the degree of symptoms. We will provide you with our recommendations and then it’s up to you!

The Initial Consultation Package includes a Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis and a Nutritional Preliminary Preparation Plan.

Duration: 2 hours

Part A Consultation Fee: $220.00

Note: Additional fees apply if the consultation is for more than one person or child.

During the second consultation we will ensure that you are provided with the resources and knowledge you required to start making the recommended changes to your diet and lifestyle (as set out in the first consultation) and discuss your individual intervention strategies and modifications required to implement the diet according to your needs.

Materials include a Nutrition Intervention Plan for your reference and a tonne of resources to assist you on your journey.

Duration: 1 Hour

Part B Consultation Fee: $110.00

Additional fees apply if the consultation is for more than one person or child

If your consultation time goes over the allocated time set, practicing fees will be charged in 15 minute intervals at $25 and this will be charged to the customer’s credit card at the end of the consultation appointment.

Follow Up Consultations
Follow up Consultations can be booked in advance to ensure appointment availability at a fee of $110

Amazing! I have been working with Stephanie for 3 months and my gut health has never been better! So much knowledge!
Nutritional Coaching Client
Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable and working with her has been an outstanding experience. I highly recommend her!
Nutritional Coaching Client
It was great working with Stephanie. I highly recommend her guidance and knowledgeto get you to optimal health.
Nutritional Coaching Client
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