Wellness Day Retreats

Understanding and embracing your cyclical nature as a woman is the key to achieving sustainable and optimal health, productivity, energy and vitality. Synchronising your nutrition, fitness and productivity with your monthly cycle helps you to balance your hormones, reclaim your health and find much needed life balance.

Learn everything you need to know to start your journey (or deepen into it) during this beautiful afternoon of education, inspiration and connection.

During the course of the afternoon you will come to understand how your monthly cycle influences everything from your mood, your brain function, your productivity, your weight/body shape, your libido, your sleep and your energy levels in a very consistent and predictable way

AND ….

You will learn exactly how to start to align with your cycle to allow you to optimise your physical mental and emotional health so you can tap into so much more potential across all aspects of our life (connection with self, relationships, work, play, parenting etc).

As women, we often shy away from learning about one of our body’s most important function: our menstrual cycle. But why? There is so much wisdom and power that opens up to us when we understand the consistent, predictable workers of our body. When we, as women, learn to ‘lean in’ to embracing and honouring our body’s needs in a cyclical way using nutrition, exercise and lifestyle planning we can create so much more peace, harmony, abundance and joy in your life (yes, even during your menstrual phase!).

So, come join Stephanie @ the gorgeous new Yoga Hive – Wollongong on Saturday 26th August for a powerful afternoon workshop that provides information about the functions of your cycle, and important insights on how to honour your body.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity for women to connect with their bodies mentally, energetically and physically by learning some of the fundamental aspects of the female body, how to thrive and listen to it in an intuitive way.

Synchonising with your cycle can help with:

  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Supercharging your energy levels
  • Mood stabilisation and optimisation
  • PMS reduction
  • Productivity Improvements
  • Preventing burnout (by supporting your endocrine (esp. adrenal) glands)

The female form is a powerful being and many of us unfortunately are removed from being able to truly connect and understand how and why it works the way it does. This workshop allows women to explore their body in a way they might not have even thought about before.

What’s included….

  • Breath-work to allow you to connect with your body and drop into your body wisdom (plus a ‘take home’ practice to keep the connection alive on a daily basis);
  • Exploration around your amazing hormones and the chemistry of the human body;
  • Discovering the influence of your cyclical hormones on your mood, energy levels, brain function and productivity;
  • Discussion around Nutrition & Exercise/Movement along with Meal & Menu plans to suit your cyclical nature (plus a take home recipe guide for each stage to make implementation a breeze);


When you walk away from this workshop you will:

  • Understand the hormonal cycle at play when dealing with the divine feminine being;
  • Understand how to nourish your body at different times of your cycle;
  • Understand how to move, exercise and connect at different times of your cycle;
  • Receive, your own PDF copy of ‘The Woman’s Way Wellness Planner’ (valued at $24.95) to help you implement everything you learn.

At the end of our time together you’ll have the knowledge to step into your divine feminine much more empowered, alive and inspired to learn more.

What to bring…

  • Your Journal
  • Cushion
  • Blanket


All attendees will be gifted a PDF version of ‘The Woman’s Way: Wellness Planner’ (valued at $24.95) to support integration of the key aspects we discuss at the workshop into your daily life.

Attendees will also receive a comprehensive ‘Post-Workshop Kit’ including:

  • A powerful body wisdom/breathwork practice you can perform anytime you like
  • Downloadable cycle syncing recipes and meal plans to support each phase of your cycle
  • ‘Fitness and Productivity Guide’ to help you plan your daily activities to optimise your hormonal advantage.
  • Anything else that Stephanie referenced during the 3 hour workshop….

Your Investment…

$97 (single ticket)

$160 (double ticket) – for you and your bestie/mum/sister/daughter (save $37) when you purchase together.

Group size….

In order for all participants to receive the most out of this workshop there is a limit of 14 tickets available.

About Your Host…..Stephanie Meades

Stephanie Meades has dedicated her life’s journey to self-discovery, self-love and understanding the fundamentals of human design and physiology. Over the past decade her focus has largely been on undercovering the essential ingredients to support women to optimise their health, using a combination of western and eastern medicine, ancient and modern practices.

Her interest in this field was sparked due to her own dynsfunctional relationship with her female physiology which resulted in years of invasive and traumatic fertility treatment, being diagnosed with ‘premature menopause’ at 32 years old (which turned out to be totally reversed through the cycle syncing practices she shares in this workshop) and just generally being led to believe her body (and her hormones) had let her down.

This life experience led to Stephanie investigating how to reclaim happy, healthy hormones naturally using clean wholefoods, cyclical movement and a few key lifestyle tweaks that have allowed her to reclaim a beautiful, healthy 28 day cycle for the past 10 years. Backed by cutting edge robust science (along with thousands of years of proven history before the industrial age), this cycle syncing method really works, and this information needs to be shared across the world so that all women can reclaim their hormone health and reach their full potential.


(for those you need who need to know the Educator has formal teritary qualitifications)

Stephanie Meades is the owner of Life Wellness Co. Pty Ltd and Founder of ‘The Woman’s Way’ and has tertiary qualifications in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Grad Dip Human Nutr/Masters in Dietetics) and is also an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (B. Ex. Sci & Rehab), along with formal certifications in Wellness and Lifestyle Design Coach, Breathwork Practitioner and Intuitive Meditation Teacher. You can find out more about Stephanie by visiting www.lifewellnessco.com or stalking her on socials.

A little extra info…

(to help you decide if Stephanie is the right for for you)

Stephanie is 2/4 Emotional Manifestor with defined crown, anja, throat, g-centre, spleen, root and emotional centre (yes – that’s alot but it makes for a great Educator!), her Sun sign is in Gemini, Moon and Ascending are in Pisces and she has a Mutable Grand Cross in her astrological chart (yep – it’s alot!).

Stephanie has been blessed to have become a mum to two gorgeous boys (13 and 11), a wife to the most beautiful (and understanding) man, and is an eternal lover of life and people. When she’s not working to empower women to reclaim their true potential in the world, you’ll find her walking on the beach, playing with her boys or basking in the sunshine (she is solar powered!).

Who is this workshop designed for….

This workshop provides a short introduction to a much larger course run by Stephanie Meades called ‘The Woman’s Way’ and is essential for any cycling woman wanting to improve her health and wellbeing.

NOTE: This workshop is designed to support women who are of reproductive age and also those who are commencing their transition through perimenopause as knowing how to honour your cycle (even when it is waning) can reduce the symptoms associated with puberty, fertility issues, perimenopause and menopause.

No refunds on tickets due to the overhead costs of venue hire and materials.