Wellness Day Retreats

Join Stephanie Meades and the amazing Life Wellness Co. Team at the glorious Govinda Valley Retreat Centre for a relaxing, restorative day retreat designed specifically to assist you to ‘press pause’ on life for just one day. This pause will allow you the time and space you need to become more aware of (and to release) old habits, thoughts, behaviours or practices that no longer serve your overall health and wellbeing, and assist you to replace these habits with powerful new practices to cultivate greater calm, centredness and connection every single day.

This is the perfect day retreat to allow you to relax, restore, rebalance and replenish your mind and body and to culitvate wellbeing in your life.


Our intention for this day retreat is to assist you to become more aware of your own unique wellness needs on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. We will help you to ‘press pause’ on the continual external focus on the needs of those around you, and help you to connect with your own body wisdom to allow you to identify what practices / rituals / wellbeing routines will support your own wellness journey over the coming months.

It is a day designed specifically for you.

During our time together we will focus on 3 main themes….


We will start the day with a few powerful practices to ‘calm’ our nervous systems (because EVERYONE needs this right now!) to allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the divine location and sink into the nourishment available throughout the day. Calming practices will include intuitive meditation, gentle breathwork and restorative yogic practices (no, you do not need to be a seasoned Yogie to do these gentle practices).

We will then move onto providing you with tools and practices you can use to centre and ground your energy, calling back all the fragmented energy you have released ‘out there’ over the past few months and show you how easy it is to connect back into your body to allow you to become aware of it’s needs and to answer the call – hint, this is where the true wellness journey begins!

Finally, we will utilise the nourishing elements of wholesome food, nature and sound to connect us back into the joy of life, so you literally float out of the retreat centre at the end of the day with a replenished (literally meaning ‘to fill up’) sense of wellbeing, and a renewed sense of vitality and empowerment in yourself and your capacity to create optimal wellbeing in your own life.


Nestled in the quiet town of Otford, immersed within the natural beauty of the Illawarra Escarpment, Govinda Valley Retreat, is the perfect location for us to relax, restore, replenish, and renew all parts of ourselves – mind, body and soul. Govinda Valley offers us a quiet, peaceful and stunning place to unwind and pause from the ‘busy’ness of the city and every day life. Just being in this location assists your nervous system to recalibrate, before we even start the day. Hence why we suggest you consider booking an overnight stay, to extend your ‘wellbeing’ retreat within the ashram environment. You can book accomodation directly with Govinda Valley if you would like to stay the night before or after the day retreat.

Link here: https://www.heartandsoulretreats.com.au/accommodation

We have chosen Govinda Valley for so many reasons (the energy of the place, the consciousness of the residents, the divine wholesome ‘blessed’ food they provide for us from their garden, the sustainability practices they follow – oh goodness, we could go on….). But most importantly we chose this location because it feels right. It feels like the perfect space for us to assist you to connect with the healing and restorative powers of Mother Nature, reconnect to self and support you to replenish your sense of mindbody wellbeing over the course of this beautiful day retreat.

Govinda Valley is located 55kms south of Sydney, and 30kms north of Wollongong.

You can travel via public transport or privately, with ease. Follow the directions on their website for details. Link here: https://www.govindavalley.com.au/how-to-get-here.


– A delicious welcome morning tea and chai / herbal tea upon arrival at the retreat;

– All practices and education sessions throughout the day, led by Stephanie Meades to support mind body restoration and renewal;

– A comprehensive resource/reference manual (provided post-retreat) including all the tools/practices/recordings/recipes required for ongoing practices following the completion of the retreat;

– A nourishing ‘blessed’ vegan lunch combined with herbal teas to help restore and replenish your physical body and calm your mind;

– Post-lunch yoga nidra (sleeping yoga) to calm and restore the physical body;

– Plenty of opportunities throughout the day to journal and reflect on life and reset or renew your intentions to support optimal mind body wellbeing;

– Free time and space at the completion of the day to relax, recharge, replenish and renew either on your own or in the company of other beautiful like-minded women you form bonds with as the day progresses;

– A 60 minute post-retreat zoom meeting (if the group desires) to check in and keep each other inspired, as well as the potential for ongoing connection within a like-hearted community of women to continue to share and inspire each other – to be discuss with during the post retreat zoom.

– Discounted rates for future retreats.

Overall, this unique women-only retreat offers you a much needed day to pause, replenish, reconnect and renew your mind, body and soul.


As this is the first of our day retreat offerings, we would like to offer you this immersion at an ‘introductory’ price of $120 per person.

Please note, all future day retreats will be offered at the daily rate of $150 per person to cover the costs of the venue hire, resources, catering and special guests. However, if you decide to join us at our day retreat at Govinda Valley, you will permanently lock in the ‘introductory’ rate for all future day retreats. Our little thankyou for making our first day retreat so special!

Side note, that is less than you would pay for a 1 hour consult with Stephanie – total bargain!!

Keep in mind, all of our previous weekend retreats have sold out within 24 hours or going live so don’t delay if you wish to secure your place!


Please note, due to the overhead costs of running this retreat, we cannot provide a refund within 30 days of the event. So please consider this when booking and ensure you lock in and commit this time for yourself!