Real Food Kitchen…Made Simple

‘Real Food Kitchen…Made Simple’ is your guide to transitioning your kitchen from being dominated by unhealthful processed, packaged foods to a kitchen filled with nutritious real food ingredients ready to nourish and support your health and wellbeing.

The book covers what real food is, why we want to be eating it, what we need to avoid and common consumer traps in our supermarkets, where to shop for real food ingredients, how to save money and time whilst transitioning to a real food kitchen and loads and loads of real food recipes to show you how easy it is to use these ingredients to make simple, quick and nutritious recipes for your whole family.

Based on our popular Real Food Pantry workshops, this book covers it all.

The information contained in this book is similar to that in ‘Real Food Families….Made Simple’ although the recipes differ in each, so you probably only need one or the other. Then again, you may wish to have both in your collection. Your choice.