Mindset and Mindfulness

We offer tailored workshops on a range of Mindset and Mindfulness Topics for small to large scale organisations. From stand alone single workshops on ‘Cultivating Mindfulness’, ‘Finding Balance in the Busyness’, ‘Creating Calm – Effective Stress Reduction Techniques’ and ‘Mindset Reset’ to start to plant the seeds in your Employees minds about how they could be doing things differently to reduce stress and fatigue, improve productivity, relationships and happiness at work, to our more comprehensive 7 week programs (1 hour per week) covering a range of mindfulness topics to really embed mindful practices into your workplace. 

The evidence is clear on this one….the mental health of your employees matters just as much (if not more so) as their physical health so investing in creating  a positive, productive and inspired mindset within your employees will provide you with a positive return on investment in both the short and long term future of your organisation. 

We can tailor packages based on your organisational needs, goals and budget, so please get in touch for your tailored quote today.

Mindset Reset - 7 Week Program

Each week, we facilitate group discussions focusing on a range of mindfulness practices and resources (see weekly topics below), followed by a guided meditation/mindfulness practice so participants can experience first hand what the practice feels like within their own mind and body. Each week participants will be provided with ‘take home exercises / activities’ to implement between sessions to really cement the mindful practices into their daily life.

The purpose of the course is to provide participants with a greater awareness of their capacity to manage their thoughts, behaviours and actions regardless of the external environmental queues and through this awareness they will not only develop an understanding of the way their mind works but also start to practice a range of skills and techniques to allow them to work with the mind to achieve greater peace and joy in everyday interactions and experiences, thereby reducing stress and fatigue, improving resilience, productivity and happiness and most importantly cultivating a greater sense of wellbeing over the course of the 7 weeks.

Week 1: Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

Foundations and benefits of mindfulness

Practice of mindfulness and meditation

Daily mindfulness practice to take home

Week 2: Stress Reduction & Wellness

Stress and the Relaxation Response

What is Vagal Toning?

How to activate relaxation / mindfulness to find calm in any situation

Week 3: Mindfulness & The Science of Happiness

How to create happiness – what the science tells us…

Finding joy in the mundane, happiness in the challenge and presence in the now

3 Powerful Gratitude Practices for the workplace and home

Week 4: Mindful Relationships & Communication

Learn how to communicate mindfully with yourself and others to create more harmony within your relationships

Establishing healthy boundaries to promote greater wellbeing

The Art of Active Listening

Week 5: Reducing Fatigue

Understanding what’s underlying your fatigue

Learn effective mindfulness techniques to revitalise your energy naturally

3 Powerful Breathwork Practices

Week 6: Increasing Productivity

Learn how to use mindful practices to engage the frontal cortex of your brain to improve your memory, concentration, decision making and clarity

Learn how to avoid ‘brain fog’

3 powerful practices using the Breath, Body and Mind to improve productivity and efficiency on a daily basis

Week 7: Deepening Your Practice

We will look at how far you have come and work out the next steps on your mindfulness journey

Cultivating a formal mindfulness practice to master your mind daily

"Stephanie is a wealth of knowledge and experience on useful nutritional and wellbeing guidance for home and work life balance. An inspirational speaker who provides you with the education and tools to implement habits that impact on your health now and in the future."
Amanda Richardson
Naturopath at Love & tonic