Move Well – For Optimal Energy, Efficiency and Ease

Purpose of the Training:

  • Unlike the ‘traditional’ approach to manual handling training which typically focuses on providing dry theory and limited opportunity to practice; our ‘hands on’ training approach educates, inspires and empowers participants to learn how to move their body the way nature intended to give them the basic movement principles that can be transferred into any physical activity (both at work and at home).
  • We focus on teaching the basic biomechanics of how our bodies work most efficiently and get the participants actually ‘experiencing’ what it feels like to move their body well through a range of fun and interactive activities during the session.
  • In this training we take a very practical approach encouraging participants to feel their way through the content, teaching them how to move their feet, hips, back, arms and neck to improve movement efficiency (which equals more energy and less fatigue).
  • We also provide very simple, safe and easy to incorporate daily exercises to improve core strength and flexibility and provide reference sheets and strategies to assist incorporate this activity into daily practices.
  • We also discuss how to get out of ‘autopilot’ whilst on the job which is a major cause of poor manual handling practices and back into being present during physical activity.
  • Participants leave the training with a new found confidence in how to move their body well to optimise their energy levels, reduce fatigue and strain on their bodies on a daily basis and reduce their risk of injury at any age with any activity that they may face.

Training Delivery:

  • 1.5 hour group sessions delivered within individual workplaces or central training location.
  • Training session includes an interactive theory component incorporating education on basic biomechanics, common injury sites, core activation / physical conditioning for work and an overview of the principles to minimise manual handling injuries, followed by practical demonstration and application by all participants to ensure attendees leave the training feeling confident in their ability to transfer this training into action.
  • Training examples will be modified to suit each target audience dependent on job roles.

Target Audience:

  • Everyone in your company who is required to MOVE on a daily basis (which means, EVERYONE!)
  • Maximum number of participants per training – 15

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