Nourish and Flourish

In this EPIC 4 part series, Steph and Elyse will guild you through a journey of discovery of the wonders of your body and it’s ability to flourish with the right kind of nourishment. This course is designed to teach you that nourishment is not just the food choices you make on a daily basis, but also the key lifestyle choices you make regularly that can serious effect your body’s ability to extract maximum nutrition from the foods you are eating to allow you to feel on top of your game every, single, day!

Throughout this series, Steph and Elyse share their combined wealth of knowledge and experience to teach you everything you need to become truly ‘NOURISHED’ from the insides out allowing you to truly ‘FLOURISH’ in life. This unique program is designed to empower you with a newfound awareness and appreciation of just how amazing your body truly is and then assist you to adopt simple, easy to implement yet extremely effective practices you can do on a daily basis to support your body function at it’s best.

During the comprehensive 4 part series you will be guided through the ins and outs of how we can optimise our digestion, we will cover ‘HOW’, ‘WHEN’ and ‘WHAT’ to eat to support optimal wellbeing, as well as showing you why you should ditch the dieting for good, and replace the dieting with a newfound joy of eating with ultimate nourishment in mind. We will also go in depth on gut health, showing you how to create and maintain a healthy ‘ecosystem’ of gut bacteria which is the epicentre of overall wellness, and then also empower you with some awesome daily detoxification practices you can perform at home to further support your wellness journey by removing unwanted toxins which slow you down and make you feel less than ideal.

This series is designed to take you through a unique wellness journey with each step building on the one before, providing a comprehensive holistic approach to improving your wellbeing from the inside out.

The 4 steps to our life-changing ‘Nourish and Flourish’ series include:

Step 1: Divine Digestion Learn the HOW and WHEN to eat to support optimal energy, health and vibrancy in life.

Step 2: Ditch the Diet We share with you the optimal foods to seriously boost your brain power, your energy and get you hitting your weight loss without the dieting- in a way you would least expect!

Step 3: The Do’s and Don’ts for Optimal Gut Health Now you know the HOW, WHEN and WHAT to eat for optimal performance in life, we ramp it up to a whole new level of wellbeing through focusing on supporting good gut health.

Step 4: Daily Detoxification We want to show you how you can fully support your now nourished body with some simple daily practices to aid your body’s natural detox processes so we can truly complete the nourished and flourished experience.

Each stage of the series provides you with video or audio access to a full recording of our LIVE workshops where you find out all the juice that you need to move from ‘blah’ to ‘brilliant’ as you move through your journey, along with heaps of useful tools and resources, including tonnes of wholefood recipes to keep you inspired along the way.

 You can get complete unlimited access to all of the program material for only $297.