Nutrition Hacks for Optimal Wellbeing

Purpose of the Training:

  • Consuming whole, real food is the basis of exceptional health yet there is so much confusing advice on the subject of healthy eating, that it is easy for us to all become a little lost in what choices to make.
  • In this workshop we share our ‘Top 5 Nutritional Hacks’ for optimal energy teaching not only ‘what’ to eat for improved health, but also ‘how’ and ‘when’ to eat to make the most of your body’s ability to absorb as much nourishment as possible from your food.
  • This workshop seriously changes the way people think about food no matter who they are and what their dietary habits are, as the link between what we are putting in our mouth and how we feel is well and truly emphasised in this session, so participants leave knowing that they hold the power in their hands to change their own health for the better.
  • Ultimately participants leave this workshop with an understanding that the way they feel, the energy they have, the physical symptoms they currently deal with and their mental and emotional health are all related to the food choices they are making each and every day, and hence changes cannot help but be made as a result.
  • We show how simple, consistent shifts in these choices will drastically improve participant’s health and wellbeing long term.

Training Delivery:

  • 1.5 hour group sessions delivered within a central training location.
  • Predominantly theory based training, with practice exercises and reflection time provided throughout.
  • Templates provided to each participant include a Food & Wellness Journal, access to over 500+ wholefood recipes, a comprehensive reference guide to many useful websites and apps to further assist their journey following the workshop.

Target Audience:

  • Everyone in your company who would like to improve their nutrition with the view to improving their health.
  • Maximum number of participants per training – 15
Talk to us about how we can improve the nutrition of your workforce. 
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