Online Programs

Here at Life Wellness Co. we are constantly working on new offerings for our online community. We have a few awesome new programs in the works for 2022, so stay tuned as we will be launching them soon.

In the interim, why not launch into one of our most popular online programs below?

These programs are designed to be empowering, engaging, uplifting and most importantly super effective. Each of these program will provide you with a powerful combination of new knowledge and simple practices (tools and resources) to help you make powerful and sustainable improvements to your healthy and wellbeing. The ‘Big 4’ listed below cover sleep, stress, diet and gut health. Simply click on the image to find out more about each individual course.

Choose which area you want to start working on and dive on in to your course of choice today. 


Time is one of the main excuses people use when failing to prioritise their health. So we have designed flexible self paced online membership programs!
This also allows for people to zoom ahead, or take it slow.


As with everything we do, community is important. Having a supportive network keeps your motivated and inspired.

So join our wonderful online tribe and learn from each other.


It can be hard to get to courses and seminars when juggling family and work commitments. So our programs are designed to be the ultra personalised service- coming to you through the internet!