Sleep Optimisation – 7 Day Mini-Course

Over the course of just 7 days, you will learn how to fully optimize your sleep so you can access the next level of mind and body performance each and every day! This short course is a game-changer for anyone wanting to get more out of life. More energy, more joy, more fulfillment, more productivity, more creativity, more wealth, more health, more love.


“The most underrated, underutilized health practice is a good night’s sleep”

Designed to support you make small, simple changes to your daily habits to support a better night’s sleep, this course requires you to review a short training module each day, and then complete the recommended actions in your Challenge Workbook. The content and challenge activities have all been carefully curated, and presented in a specific order, to ensure maximum transformation in your sleeping habits over the next 7 days.

The course content is delivered 100% online, and hence requires you to have access to WiFi and a PC/Mac so you can download the videos, worksheets and resources to your own personal device.

Each day you will need to dedicate around 25-30 minutes to watch the training module and complete the daily transformational activities set out in your workbook. All up the course requires you to invest less than 4 hours of your time to ensure rapid transformation in your sleep habits.

There are so many bonuses included in the course that will assist you with your journey including:

  • The Sleep Optimization Meditation – MP3 (this alone is worth pure gold!);
  • The Sleep Quality Audit;
  • The Sleep Optimization Diet;
  • Yoga for Sleep Optimization;
  • Mindset Mastery and Breathwork Guidebooks and instructional videos;
  • Your own individualised Sleep Optimization Plan;
  • The Sleep Chronotype Quiz;
  • The Sleep Supplement Guidebook, and so much more….

All of this and so much more for just $27 USD.

Yep, you read that right.

It is superb value. We have deliberately kept the cost as low as possible to ensure you are able to access this powerful step in your health journey. It is the most foundational piece of your health journey that simply cannot be skipped. No amount of dietary changes or exercise will shift the needle on your health more than optimising your sleep. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle. 

At the price we have set this amazing course, it actually works out to be less than a daily cuppa over the course of the week. And don’t worry, we have some super ideas for coffee alternatives in the course as well, that will not only keep you feeling fresh and energised but they will also support your sleep quest!.