5 simple life changing habits to form!

When you are thinking about your own personal goal setting, it is important to realise that small little changes are easier to stick with rather than making a big, massive change all at once! My advice is to try making small, baby changes ever few weeks rather than completing a complete overhaul of your life in one go. Then before you know it, with minimal fuss, these small lifestyle changes become habits.

New, happy, healthy habits!

So to kick off, we have 5 simple changes you could consider implementing in your life to improve your health and wellbeing. Some of these tips you may already know – but you may not be doing them on a regular basis to achieve maximum wellbeing points They are simple things, but simple is good and simple often gets overlooked. You might not think that they are life changing, but keep them up and just see how they will positively impact your life and your health.

During your lunch break or at some point each day – go outside and take 3 deep belly breaths. Fill your lungs with fresh air, feel your chest expand with each new breath, and let your tension go with each exhale. This simple exercise can significantly help to reduce stress and relax your body. The more you do, the more relaxed you will feel.

Eat your meals sitting down and relaxed. Even if this means setting your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier for breakfast. Eating relaxed is fundamental for good digestion and for reducing stress. When you eat on the run or in your car or whilst at your desk – your body is focusing on other things, resulting in stress, which means you cannot digest your food properly, leading to bloating, loss of nutrient absorption and far less enjoyment of the sheer pleasure of eating and nourishing your body.

Whilst we are on the topic of eating habits….make a new dining rule, no technology when eating. Put the phone and iPad and TV remote DOWN! When you are distracted, chances are you will eat more as you are not paying attention to your body’s cues. Sit peacefully and enjoy your meal – free from distractions.

Get to bed 30 minutes earlier! Want to lose weight? Make sleep your number one priority. Simple. Aiming for a bed time of 10pm (or earlier!) is fantastic for your health, for reducing your stress which will in turn assist with weight loss (if needed). Ideally we need between 7-8 hours per night for maximum health and wellbeing benefit.

Give yourself a compliment. Try to make it a mental habit that every time you look in the mirror you notice something positive. Try it! You may feel silly to start with, but soon you will relish in this practice. It’s good for your soul. So often we are our harshest critics and a New Year should start with some self-love, not self-loathing.

Make a date with a friend or family member! In our fast paced world we can get so caught up with social media and our busy life that we actually forget to see REAL friends…not just ‘like’ their status updates or ‘heart’ their Instagram pictures. Loneliness and social isolation really is not good for our health – that is proven. So it is good for your health and your soul to make a weekly or fortnightly date to catch up with a friend. Go out for a coffee, cook a meal together or even just go for a walk in a local park. Communication and connection is what we need. Laugher and good chats really can be the best medicine!

So there you go – 5 simple things to add to your daily routine that will positively impact your health. Let’s start 2016 on a positive note – nourishing our whole body – looking after the mind, body and soul.