‘Wellness @ Work’ – A Holistic Healthy Workplace Initiative

Purpose of Training:

  • To provide inspiration and education on how employees can improve their wellness at work through improved nutrition, mindset and movement patterns.
  • This workshop provides an introduction to the 3 pillars of wellbeing, providing well researched and easy to apply strategies for employees to use to improve nutrition, mindset and movement both at work and home, which in turn creates a more productive workplace due to the presence of happy and healthy workers.
  • The workshop has been designed to provide your employees with the simple tools they can use to make appropriate lifestyle modifications to improve their wellbeing, increase their physical energy and uplevel their mental agility and stress management thereby creating a healthier work environment with reduced absenteeism.

Training Delivery:

  • 1.5 hour group sessions delivered within individual workplaces or central training location.
  • Workshop includes both the theory behind why improving nutrition, mindset and movement can serious improve wellbeing, along with practical demonstration of activities attendee’s can perform for each of the 3 pillars of wellbeing (nutrition, mindset and movement).
  • Employees will leave the session with useable tools guaranteed to improve their wellbeing and a genuine motivation to apply what they have learnt.
  • Each participant will also be encouraged to develop their own unique ‘Wellness Plan’ at the completion of the training session.
  • Practical activities include simple minute mindfulness exercises, work break stretches, power breathing for increased energy and concentration, scheduling and organisation tips to reduce stress and strategies to improve interpersonal relationships within the workplace.

Target Audience:

  • Everyone in your company who would like to up the ante on their wellbeing and feel more energised and alive than they do right now.
  • Maximum number of participants per training – 15.

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