Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Qualified Exercise Physiologist
Integrative Nutritionist
Certified GAPS Practitioner
Trained by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride
Mindfulness Mentor

Stephanie Meades is a Functional Nutritionist and Certified GAPS (Gut & Psychological Syndrome) Practitioner, Exercise Physiologist, Author, Keynote Speaker, Mentor, Wife, Mum and Founder of Life Wellness Co. Pty Ltd.  

Stephanie has been interested in improving the health and wellness of community members for many years, having obtained multiple qualifications in the field, including two university degrees in Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation, and gaining extensive life experience over the course of her career.

Since having children, her passion has intensified, after experiencing first hand the devastating effects food and lifestyle choices can have on our most vulnerable community members, our children. Stephanie’s first born developed many common GAPS symptoms within the first 2 years of his life and required extensive medical treatment. When conventional medicine failed to improve his conditions, she decided to take matters into her own hands using her knowledge of human nutrition, gut health and GAPS to alleviate many of his debilitating symptoms using a unique holistic approach.

These results in her own family fuelled her passion further, leading to a need to share the simple and effective measures each of us can take to improve our own health and wellbeing to a much broader community.

Stephanie now utilises her experience and passion to help people all over the world to heal their gut, mind and body by providing effective and practical advice which truly empowers people to reclaim their own health and wellbeing using ‘functional foods’ and lifestyle modification as her weapons of choice to fight against disease and illness.

Specialising in gut and endocrine health, Stephanie has changed the lives of hundreds of children, women and men all over the globe with her powerful teachings and knowledge of the human body.

Stephanie’s vision is to be a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives through educating, empowering and inspiring both individuals and families to regain control of their health and wellness through simple, effective lifestyle modification focusing on nutrition, movement and mindset.

Stephanie believes each of these pillars are essential to achieving long-lasting optimal gut and endocrine health, not just nutrition alone.